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Cudham and Downe Community Carol 2020
Fantastic! Thank you for offering to record yourself singing ‘O come all ye faithful’ for our Cudham & Downe Community Carol.
Here’s what you need to do: Set up your studio: • Lighting – is it appropriate, try not to be in shadow • Background -think about what’s behind you – objects, pictures etc. • Noise – can you avoid noise from outside? Where in the house is appropriate? • Could anything disrupt your recording? E.g. Pets • Decide what you are going to wear. Something festive?
Recording: • You will need two devices - one to play the backing track on e.g. computer/ipad and the other to record your singing on e.g. phone. • Download the backing track, PDF of the words and PDF of the music (if you need it) from the ‘audio’ page of the church website • Record your video clearly in portrait format (not landscape). • Use headphones plugged into your computer/ipad to hear the backing track playing while you are recording on your phone - so you only record your singing not the organ as well! • Record yourself on your phone singing all four verses (from the words PDF) of ‘O Come all ye faithful’ to the backing track. • If who are used to choral singing and would like to sing in harmony, please use the music PDF to sing verses 2 and 3 in harmony and unison for verses 1 and 6 and any brave sopranos are welcome to have a go at the descant in verse 6 too! • Review your recording to make sure you would be comfortable with it.
• Then upload your recording to our special dropbox page by 7th December midnight–
• Please note that by uploading your recording you are agreeing to be part of the Community Carol video in our Youtube Carol Service on 20th December.
pdf documentO come all ye faithful 4 verses words.pdf || pdf documentO come all ye faithful 4 verses music.pdf